A 250 ton Brig that sank during early spring 1803. The ship sank after hitting The Screamers rocks near the village of Treathdra with a cargo of 20 tons of cloth and the loss of all hands.

The Miranda Edit

A full rigged Brig merchant ship, captained by a Mr Oswin Grothschild (A distant relative of The Grothschild Family ). The ship carried general cargoes to and from the various ports around Tamir.

Last momentsEdit

During a heavy spring storm The Miranda lost it's way and ran aground on The Screamers rocks before being pushed further onto the cliffs. Despite the local fishermen from Treathdra launching their boats in an attempt at rescue, they found no-one around the rocks and then had to turn back for fear of getting smashed on the rocks themselves. Next morning after the storm had blown itself out they returned but found no-one amidst the wreckage. They did recover some of the 20 tons of cloth cargo however only 10 of which made it's way to the authorities. A further investigation led by the local Revenue officer led to the conclusion that the rest of the cargo was lost to the sea. The influx of cheap cloth being sold in the nearby villages the following winter may disprove this theory.

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