Average StatisticsEdit

  • Classification - Stathen class Brig sloop
  • Keel length - 85' 4"
  • Width - 27' 9"
  • Tonnage - 200
  • Guns - 16, 6 pounder guns
  • Crew - 120


The Stathen class Brig Sloop was designed as a cheap and reliable convoy escort to combat the increase in piracy which had cropped up around the colonies. Named after the late Admiral Arthur Stathen (1729-1794) initially five were constructed.

  • I.S. Swift - Wrecked on The Screamers in 1801.
  • I.S. Swallow - Sunk in battle with pirates off of Pilane in 1803.
  • I.S. Peregrine - Retired from service in 1854 and dismantled.
  • I.S. Osprey - Removed from service in 1854 for use as a training ship.
  • I.S. Albatross - Still in service.

The success of the class led to the commissioning of twelve more ships of this class. which continued to maintain the successful protection of most of the Empires trade ships.

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