Leder of the Viper Mercenaries, and former member of the V-Inc black opps unit The Watchers.

Early YearsEdit

Ryan was born on 21st of April 2130 in V-Inc Worker Hab 26 in Europa 1 to Gregor Van-Russ and Penny Van-Russ. Both of Ryan’s Parents worked in V-Inc's Exo Design and Development Section (Civilian) and their expertises in this field left high hopes of Ryan's future. However Ryan's Standard Aptitude Tests at age 7 revealed Ryan as an average student and after completing his Final Education Cycle at 12 with good grades he was enrolled in V-inc's Combat Academy from which he graduated at the top of his class for all 4 years of his time there. When Ryan graduated in 2146 he was made sergeant of one of V- Inc's Security Divisions where he led a 20 strong group of Fresh Cadets in guarding one of V-Inc's Weapon Testing Facilities .

Early Career at V-IncEdit

Within a year of his appointment to the Beta 8 Weapon Testing Facility Ryan's skills were put to the test when a 40 strong team of The Panther Mercenaries raided the facilities under contract from N-Front. Within the first ten minutes of the raid two of the facilities four squads were wiped out including Ryan’s superiors. Against heavy opposition Ryan rallied the survivors and led a successful defence of the facility by holding The Panthers off of long enough for reinforcements arrive. As a reward for this achievement Ryan was immediately recruited into V-Incs black opps unit The Watchers. As a member of The Watchers Ryan was thrown into the most dangerous of missions which The Board of Directors needed accomplished in secret. Ryan quickly rose up the ranks of this elite unit and by 2155 he was made a captain of The Vipers , one of V-Inc's 10 companies of special opps troops. Ryan now had just under a hundred men under his direct command and found the role suited him perfectly, his innate talents as a soldier fostered in him all the skills and reserves he needed to become a good and effective leader. Ryan's meteoric rise to the top had not gone unnoticed and he was singled out for one of V-Inc's newest projects

Project Sampson - The beginning of the end.Edit

Project Sampson was part of V-Inc's work increasing super solders. It involved intravenous injections of the chemical formula and seemed to greatly improve the combat reflexes and endurance of in-lab test subjects. Ryan and six other highly skilled members of The Vipers were selected for combat testing of the system. Ryan and his team were sent on several important and dangerous missions, each which they completed quickly and with no casualties sustained by the team. Unfortunately the long term effects hadn't been toughly explored and the team started to experience heightened levels of aggression and insubordination. V-Inc scientists failed to act quickly enough and when they tried to wean the team off the combat drugs several reacted very badly and several V-Inc scientists and security personnel were killed. The worst reaction was suffered by Ryan the drugs left in his system and the stress of the rehab program caused him to go combat crazy and he killed over twenty V-Inc personnel in his escape from the Beta 3 Enrichment Centre

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