The I.S. Swift (Imperial Ship Swift) was a 16 gun Sloop-of-War of 200 tons which ran aground on The Screamers in the autumn of 1801 with the loss of all but two hands.


  • Classification - Stathen class Brig sloop
  • Keel length - 85' 4"
  • Width - 27' 9"
  • Tonnage - 200
  • Guns - 16, 6 pounder guns
  • Crew - 120


Constructed in 1798 in the Denswick Shipyards The I.S. Swift and her four sister ships were constructed to act as escorts for the Empire's many trade ships, which had suffered losses to increasing piracy around the colonies.

Upon her induction into the Imperial fleet Lt Henrik Oswald was made master and commander. He was given orders to report to the port of Villane on the island of Pilane and to escort a cargo of bullion and spices back to Tarmian. On the return voyage Oswald was forced to skirmish several times with a Pirate Sloop under the command of the notorious Captain Blood Hand. The final appearance of Captain Blood Hand led to a protracted trading of salvoes before the pirates were forced to break off and look for easier pray.

After completing the 64 day round trip The I.S. Swift sailed back to The Denswick Shipyards for repairing and re-arming. The success of the Swift hastened the commissioning of twelve more of the Stathen class Brig sloop s .

From 1799 to 1801 The I.S. Swift continued to excel in her duties never losing a ship during a convoy run and taking two pirate ships in protracted boarding actions. These exceptional feats earned Lt Henrik Oswald a promotion to Captain and a reposting to the 5th rate frigate The I.S. Stonewall . The Swift's new Commander was the newly commissioned Lt Phillip Ganwin. His first orders were to deliver the Swift to the Denswick Shipyards for a refit.

This was the last voyage of the I.S. Swift. It was late autumn an there was a heavy fog on the sea when the ship rounded the Domellick Point , ether by error of the inexperience Lt Phillip Ganwin or the new crew (most transferred to the I.S. Stonewall with Captain Henrik Oswald) they turned too much to starboard which put them on a direct course with The Screamers.

The ship struck the The Screamers two hours after dusk, with no clear indication of where land was the crew stayed aboard. Within ten minutes the ship foundered before breaking up and being washed towards the cliffs.

The first sign of the wreck to the outside world was when the flotsam and jetsam washed up on the shore at Treathdra. The men of Treathdra launched their boats and arrived at The Screamers to find only two survivors clinging to the rigging of the formast which had lodged in the rocks. The two crew members (Edwin Tamson the cook and Francis Linson the first mate) were taken back to the village and word was sent to the authorities. The men of Treathdra were rewarded with twenty sovereigns per man saved. unfortunately Lt Phillip Ganwin was washed over board when the ship broke up. His career was cut short and ended in ignominy when he was posthumously court marshaled for the loss of the I.S. Swift.

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